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The Association of Certified Marine Surveyors, Inc.
ACMS (The Association of Certified Marine Surveyors, Inc.) is an organization dedicated to the professional development of our members. We deliver a continuous stream of current information to the members. This information is made available via email and it provides our membership with the latest marine technical information, industry news, and professional development information that is available. ACMS was founded in the 90’s, acquired a group of top notch marine surveyors, and was then chartered. Our mission is to provide the tools required to grant credentials to marine surveyors who have proven their knowledge and expertise of the marine surveyor trade. ACMS offers Marine Surveyors who are certified a viable organization with reasonable annual dues. We offer Marine Surveyors who are not yet certified an opportunity to advance through our Requirements Procedure to certification. We offer applicants who are just starting out in the marine surveyor trade access to a Marine Surveyor Apprentice Program. The Marine Surveyor Apprentice Program has been in service for over twenty years with excellent results for those who follow through and complete the program. Professional Development Our Professional Development Program enables members to remain competent, and up to date with new technology. The diversity of the Marine Surveyor trade requires ongoing access to information that cannot be provided by a single annual conference. Our system of providing information regarding, rule changes, new technology, and interesting marine related topics on a routine schedule via email allows for a large volume of information to be presented to our members. We provide much more technical information than a class or single seminar could. By participating in our online study modules, and routine e-mail communications program, our members are assured proper Professional Development in a timely fashion. In order to verify "Professional Development" by our membership, each member is required to take part in the periodic email presentations and provide the organization with verification via the ACMS database.