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Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Arkansas, Tennessee

On-site Appraisals, Surveys and Damage Surveys of Recreational Marine Vessels


 Reach a fair market value of the vessel and equipment in question

  1. Physical & visual inspection
  2. Photographs    
  3. Thermal Imaging & Photography
  4. Ultra-sounding; Determine material thickness & density
  5. Ultra-sounding paint/coatings thickness
  6. Materials Moisture Content
  7. Itemized list of equipment with Model & Serial numbers with present values; Check electrical & electronics for operating condition.
  8. Research Blue Book values; ABOS & NADA
  9. Research market values of similar vessels & equipment
  10. Research total cost for replacement of vessel & equipment in question
  11. Sea Trial; Maintenance Records.
  12. Certified Repair Facility Evaluate Engine(s)
  13. Analyze fuel, oils and water samples as needed and or required



Reach a fair & reasonable cost to return the vessel & equipment to a pre-casualty condition

  1. Contact insured/owner/operator: Discuss circumstances of the loss
  2. Set inspection date & time with insured & repair facility
  3. Physical & visual inspection: Confirm, Determine, Detail & Document cause of loss
  4. Photographs
  5. Review & discuss loss related repair costs with Repair Facility, Insured and Insurance Carrier
  6. Obtain an agreed repair cost with Repair Facility & Discuss with Repair Facility & Insured the process for any supplemental repair costs    



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Boat Owners Association of The United States       BOAT/US

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