The Association of Certified Marine Surveyors
209/241 Nooseneck Hill Road,  West Greenwich,  Rhode Island  02817
Center of Excellence for Marine Surveyors

    Dana Marine Service Group specialized in :


    - Marine Surveying

    - Marine Consulting

    - Marine Investigation

    - Ship Management

    - Ship Registration

    - Ship Classification and Certification


    The Company offices are in :


    Main Office: 5575 - 45th Avenue, Ladner, B.C. V4K 1L5 CANADA

    Tel./Fax: 1-604-946 9405, E-mail:

    Arthur David Serry, Chairman, Marine Surveyor



    The Surveys, which Dana Marine Service Group can offer to carry out are:


    - re-activation survey

    - laid-up survey

    - pre-purchase survey

    - condition & value survey

    - incident survey

    - damage equipment survey

    - damage cargo survey

    - marine investigation survey

    - on cargo ships and yachts.


    The Company represent ship owners, all insurance companies and brokers !


    The Company can be a Ship Manager  and can give services to the

    ship owners buying new ships , as :

    - evaluate the ship condition prior to a purchase, and ensure the ship
    fits for intended purpose, or to assess the damage after incident
    - to prepare deficiencies and repair list
    - to calculate the repair expenses
    - to make sure that all repairs comply with class society rules and standards
    - to prepare the ship and to pass all flag state and class surveys and
    obtaining all ship certificates
    - to put back the ship in operation


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