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Survey Found Gen-Set Engine Exhaust System Deficiency

           In conducting a survey, of a 1988 35’ single diesel engine powered  doweneast fisherman equipped with an auxiliary gen-set a installed post original construction; the gen-set engine’s exhaust  was found to have been improperly rigged.


          The photograph shows that the gen-set engine’s exhaust outlet has been connected via frp. pipe (somehow) attached into the propulsion engine’s frp. exhaust pipe. This situation does not comply with the provisions of A.B.Y.C Standard P-1.5.7. “A separate exhaust system and terminus shall be provided for each engine and generator installation; and P-1.5.8. Exhaust system piping and components shall be supported to minimize the risk of failure from vibration, shock, expansion, and contraction.” Additional issues are:  A) rusted clamp. B) worn hose. C) metal box (w/ AC breakers) chafing against the frp. exhaust pipe. D) wire runs hanging loose / not-supported..  

 (F. Abbey 1-2011)

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