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 August 10, 2011 

Re: “Lady Di” CUSTOM 60

 Dear sir,

 The undersigned surveyor attended the above captioned vessel while it was afloat, in water, at the Marine facility in Fort Lauderdale on August 10, 2011.  

Those in attendance are as follows:

 Malcolm Elliott         Florida Nautical Surveyors

Kerry Nikula            Florida Nautical Surveyors

 Prior to this inspection you, Mr. Jon Doe, supplied me with numerous reports and paper work that included the following: 

  1. Marine Services Inc.                   Hull Survey             January 8, 2003

                                                            Custom 60’ 

  1. USCG Page C-33                        Application              February 3, 2003


  1. Builders Letter                             HIN                        September 29, 2003


  1. Dodge Marine Assoc.                  Hull Survey             March 26, 2008


  1. MEOM                                        Engine Survey         March 26, 2008

                                                            Oil Sample(s)


  1. Marine Services Inc.                 Hull Survey            January 8, 2003

                                                            Custom 60’

 In Marine Services survey report dated January 3, 2003, Mr. E***** H****** reports that the Hull Identification Number (HIN) was ABC60001A303 but he also notes that this number was “Not affixed to the hull”.

 In that same report dated January 3, 2003 Mr. H****** also reports that the engines were 12v Electronically controlled Detroit / MTU diesels:

 Port Main Engine Model #:                   1227K12

Port Main Engine Serial #:                   535 200 1846

 Starboard Engine Model #:                  1227K13

Starboard Engine Serial #:                   535 200 1932

 Mr. H****** also reports in his January 3, 2003 report that the Transmissions are:

 Twin Disc Model #:                              MG 6449 00A

Ratio:                                                   1.73:1

 Port serial #:                                        2530017

Starboard serial #:                               2530028  


  1. USCG Page C-33                        Application             February 3, 2003


In the “Application for Initial Issue, Exchange or replacement of certification of Documentation or Re-documentation date stamped 3 FEB ’03 one can clearly see that the HIN is typed into the form as being ABC60001A303 and the number 1**7719 is hand written onto the same form. If one was to look up this number (1**7719) on the Coast Guard Documentation web site you will find that a CUSTOM 60 was issued with this documentation number on March 27, 2003 and that the HIN was the same ABC60001A303.

  1. Builders Letter                                     HIN               September 29, 2003

 In a letter dated September 23, 2003 Mr. J** P*******, General Manager of the Boatbuilders wrote to the US Coast Guard National Vessel Documentation Center informing them that a 2003 CUSTOM 60 purchased by J******* Corporation and named “COE” had been issued the incorrect hull identification number of ABC60001A303 and this corresponded with the US Coast Guard documentation number of 1**7719.

 In that same letter Mr. P******* stated that the correct HIN should be ABC60003D303 and requested that the numbers be corrected.


  1. Dodge Marine Assoc.                 Hull Survey            March 26, 2008

 Mr. John Dodge of Dodge Marine Associates completed a marine survey on March 26, 2008 and on page # 1 of that report (note that this is # 1 after the front cover sheet and noted to be page # 1 in the bottom right hand corner of the page) Mr. Dodge noted that the Hull No. to be ABC60003D303 and on page # 1 of his “Findings and Recommendations” – “Hull and main decks” he notes that “vessels hull identification number is not permanently affixed to the starboard aft transom or the starboard aft bulkhead” 

  1. Dodge Marine Assoc.                 Hull Survey            March 26, 2008

Mr. Dodge also reports on page # 1 of his main report that the “Reg No.” is 1**8420 and the vessels name at that time to be “VAN B” and this vessel was a 60’ Custom

 On page # 7 of Mr. Dodge’s report dated March 26, 2008 he noted the following: 

Port Generator Model #:              8EOZ44

Port Generator Serial #:               07235 

Starboard Gen Model #:              23 EOZ

Starboard Gen Serial #:               0723575    

Mr. Dodge reports in his report on page # 10 that an “engine survey was conducted by MEOM. 

  1. MEOM                                        Engine Survey       March 26, 2008

                                                            Oil Sample(s)

In a MEOM invoice dated 3/20/08 under the “Complaint” paragraph it states “Survey/Trans/Gen Sets/Sea Trial”  and in the left hand lower corner it states the following 

Serial No.                535 200 1846 

Model No.               R1227K13 

Miles or Hours         1583 

Make of Equip         60’ Custom  

Assembly No.          ABC60001A303.  

I have not seen the detailed engine survey report however the oil sample results dated as being taken on 03/26/08 were forwarded and I note the following: 

Main engines are MTU 2000 12V 

Port Main Engine Serial #:           535 200 1846

Starboard Engine Serial #:           535 200 1932 

Transmissions are Twin Disc MG 6449A 

Port Transmission Serial #:          2530017

Stbd Transmission Serial #:         2530028 

Port Generator Model #:              8EOZ

Stbd Generator Serial #:              23EOZ     

  1. Florida Nautical Surveyors        Hull Surveyors                 August 10, 2011

During the inspection that I and my associate, Mr. Nikula completed today, I noted the following; 

Main Engines are MTU 12V 2000 

Port Main Engine Model #:           R1227K13

Port Main Engine Serial #:           535 200 1846 

Starboard Engine Model #:          R1227K12

Starboard Engine Serial #:           535 200 1932 


Twin Disc Model #:                      MG 6449 00A

Ratio:                                         1.73:1 

Port serial #:                               2530017

Starboard serial #:                       2530028   

Generators are Kohler: 

Port Generator Model #:              8EOZ

Port Generator Serial #:               0723544 

Starboard Gen Model #:              23 EOZ

Starboard Gen Serial #:               0723575    

As one can see there are slight differences in the numbers and discrepancies were noted in both Mr. H****** and Mr. Dodges reports. These included Mr. H****** reporting that the engine horse power was “4800 HP each” on page # 1 of his report, they are rated at 1480 HP which he correctly notes on page # 6 of his report.  

Mr. Dodge’s notes a “Reg. No.” whereas the actual number he notes in his report on page # 1 is the official US Coast Guard “Documentation Number”.  

Mr. Dodges notes on page # 7 of his report that the port generator model # is 8EOZ44 and the serial number was 07235 whereas the model # is 8EOZ and the serial # is 0723544.  

Mr. Dodges notes the HIN to be ABC60003D303 on March 26, 2008 whereas MEOM notes an “Assembly No.” as A1C60001A303 on the same date, March 26, 2008.           

Hull Identification Number (HIN)

 All boats manufactured or imported on or after November 1, 1972 must bear a HIN. The HIN is a 12 character serial number that uniquely identifies the boat and is a Federal requirement

The boat manufacturer must display two identical hull identification numbers, the primary HIN must be permanently affixed (so that it can be seen from outside the boat) to the starboard side of the transom.

There is no HIN affixed to this vessel on the exterior and after exhaustive inspection of the interior the second HIN could not be found either.   

The following is a table showing what has been reported and when by the following:

FNS                        Florida Nautical Surveyors           August 10, 2011

Dodge Assoc.         Dodge Marine Assoc.                  March   26, 2008


MEOM                    Main Engine Original Man.           March   26, 2008


H****** Marine         H****** Marine Services               Jan.        3, 2003


                                        Aug 10, 2011    Mar. 26, 2008       Mar. 26, 2008       Jan. 8, 2003

                                                FNS                 Dodge Assoc.      MEOM                  H****** Marine           

Engines MTU 12V 2000 

Port Engine Model #:                 R1227K13         ******                  R1227K13               1227K12     

Port Engine Serial #:                 5352001846      ******                  5352001846             5352001846 

Stbd Engine Model #:                R1227K12         ******                  ******                       1227K13 

Stbd Engine Serial #:                5352001932      ******                  5352001932             5352001932 


Twin Disc Model #:                   MG 6449 00A    ******                  MG 6449A                MG 6449 00A

Ratio:                                       1.73:1               ******                  1.73:1                       1.73:1 

Port serial #:                             2530017           ******                   2530017                  2530017

Stbd serial #:                            2530028           ******                   2530028                  2530028 

Generators are Kohler: 

Port Gen Model #:                     8EOZ               8EOZ44               8EOZ                       ******

Port Gen Serial #:                     0723544           07235                  ******                        ******


Stbd Gen Model #:                    23 EOZ             23EOZ                 23EOZ                       ******   

Stbd Gen Serial #:                     0723575          0723575              ******                         ******


From the above table one can see that in January 3, 2003, March 26, 2008 and August 10, 2011 the main engine serial numbers and the transmission serial numbers all matched so it is my opinion that the 60’ Custom that originally came with the HIN: ABC60001A303 and the  vessel that I inspected today with the reported HIN: ABC60003D303 is one and the same vessel.  

There is no evidence of the engines, transmissions or either generator being changed out in this vessel as the overhead and aft bulkheads all appeared to be original.


The above represents the opinion of the undersigned based on the facts presented and the discoveries made while surveying subject vessel, with no warranty either specific or implied being made.   

Respectfully submitted,     


Malcolm J. Elliott. CMS

Attending surveyor


It would appear that the builder went to the bank when the vessel was nearing completion and borrowed over $1,100,000 and provided the bank with documentation showing the vessel was documented with the USCG.  

The Bank sent a surveyor along to check the boat out and he noted that the hull number was not fixed to the vessel. The Bank placed a lien on that Documentation.  

The builder then went back to the USCG and told them that a wrong hull number had been issued for the boat and gave the Coast Guard a new HIN and then the Coast Guard issued a new Documentation number but did not transfer the lien from one document to the other and there lies the major issue.  

There was and as far as I know still no safe guards in place to ensure that if a new USCG Documentation number issued the old documentation is not checked for any Liens.  

The owner was advised of the supposedly mistaken HIN and told to apply for the USCG documentation in his name which he did.  

The builder paid about 6 months of payments to the Bank for his loan but then stopped the payments and then about a year later he died.  

It took the bank over 7 years to find the boat and to seize it, by that time it had sold a couple of times and unfortunately the last owner had paid cash for the boat ($1,050,000) 

We went to a Federal Court and the judge found that the legal owner is indeed the bank and the last owner lost everything.  

He is now suing his title company that he used when purchasing the vessel and also suing the builders estate.